His abandoned laboratories are filled with nightmares and screams.
Helpless female flesh is attacked by evil machines and invaded
by creepy parasites. The souls of beautiful women are filled
with horror when they are used for breeding monsters, tor-
mented with needles and electricity and used for his dark
desires and entertainment.

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Mad Scientist Horror Porn Picture Storys

The Mad Alchemist - A first glimpse

Finally! Although the Mad Scientist still is not able to open the gate to the Mad Alchemist completely, he is able to take a look through time and space. He is pleased to see that his ancestor was at work also.

The hunting grounds - Wildlife

The hunting grounds are also habitat for numerous creatures. Some of them are genetic experiments of the Mad Scientist, others are gathered from strange dimensions. Of course the Mad Scientist supplies them with female flesh for breeding and nutrition.

The Dungon - Dancing Sex Slaves

Under the ruins of the old laboratories, there is a dungon where the Mad Scientist relaxes after a hard day´s work. Letting slaves dance on a hot, glowing ground might be a little sadistic, but doesn´t a hard working man deserve a little, harmless entertainment?


Traveling between dimensions can be distorting. Time to explorate that phenomena.


The effects the experiments with inter dimensional travel had on his guinea pigs gave the Mad Scientist the idea to try some old fashion expansions.

The hunting ground - Rape Robot

Nearby the lab, within a valley and surrounded by unconquerably mountains, there are the hunting grounds. A desert area, the last storage for not longer needed experiments.


The Mad Scientists stock on a special kind of parasites is running short. Fortunately he has developed a method to breed them fast.

Limbless guinea pig

The monsters are developing splendid and it is time to prepare some of the livestock for the great day.

Feeding Monsters - Feeding Fresh Meat

Some of the monster are almost full grown. No longer they need to be nursed with milk. Now they are able to feed on more interesting food, like slavegirls. To his delight those creatures love to play with their food.

Feeding Monsters - Feeding with milk

A small, artificial cave is the nest for the newborn monsters. His best milkers are ready to nurse them. Soon those creatures will be matured enough to feed on tender, living flesh.... the Mad Scientist looks forward to that moment with eagerness.

Womb Of Monsters

In a cave, deep under his laboratory, monsters are growing embedded in female wombs. Real monsters unlike the mere curiosities he had created with genetic and surgerie so far but real creatures of another realm. The bellies of his breeders are swollen by the unnatural load they are carrying. Since the creatures are opposed to leave their warm caves he has to chase them out with some little heat. Time for the breeders to give birth!

Sex Slave Of The Tentacle

Not to his surprise a some of his slaves soon become addicted to the pleasures a tentacle can give. Since the tentacles love to play with female flesh and the well being of his tentacles is of hight priority for the Mad Scientist those slaves get more attention then they can handle.

The Ralm Of The Tentacle

The Mad Scientist opens the next gate, the gate to the domain of the slimy, wriggling horror of the tentacle. What bait could be more luring for those creatures then warm, female flesh?

The Book - A Simple Ritual

The book is the most treasured property of the Mad Scientist. I holds the secrets he needs to open the doors to the realms of the elder, to true horror and pain. Defrauding, torture and murder was needed to acquire it, but now it is in his hands. It only reveals one secret a time, but there is also only little blood necessary to open it.

A Heart For Monsters

Don´t think the Mad Scientist has a heart of stone. He cares about his creatures. Even those who are not more then wasted experiments get some entertaiment from time to time... like a spare slavegirl for their entertainment.

Harvesting the milk

The milkflow stimulation program was a superior success. The udders of the the cows are swollen and full of milk. Time to start the milking.

The first gate of hell

The time has come to look behind the walls of reality. Although the Mad Scientist knows that his powers are still insufficient to fully open the doors to the realms of chaos and less to controll what dwells therein, he is confident that he is able to take a look at what´s between his this walls... the realm of the undead. Of course he has to sacrifice one of his slaves to fulfill this deed, but that will be a negligible toll for such a triumph.

Electric Worms

This worms feed on blood and they love to hide in warm and moist caves. The Mad Scientist was confident that they would find a comfortable place if he gives them a chance

Hell-Bug Pregnancy

The Hell-Bug is a true masterpiece of genetic engeniering. instinctively he uses his flexible, pointed tail to implant his seed deep into the womb of a human female. His descendants grow with incredible speed. It only takes minutes till the woman gives birth to a squirming new generation of Hell-Bugs.

Milk For Monsters

Some of the creatures - that are slowly growing in their human breeders - will be reaised on milk. Time to init the production.

Military Sales Show - Tentacle Trap

Military Sales Show - Tentacle Trap

Trade Show - A Deadly Toy

Trade Show - Testing electric toys

Trade Show - Testing electric toys

Trade Show - Preparations
Also most of his work is founded by the military, the Mad Scientist has other sources to finance his work at disposal. One of them is the accommodation of wealthy and powerful customers with toys for their kinky deeds.

Rising new parasites

Hunting for fresh meat - Monsters

Hunting for fresh meat - Robots
A lot of former guinea pigs that were set free or escaped from the laboratories survived at the hunting grounds. The Mad Scientist wonders if those females could be more resistent to stress and pain than his usual objects... he sends out his robots to capture some specimens for tests.

Living Shadow
Fear and agony are the cardinal energy for opening the gates between the dimensions, therefore the Mad Scientist continuously developeds new ways to terrorize his victims. Turning their own shadows against them looks like a promising method.

The Dens - Carnivorous Monsters The Dungon

Collecting informations from the foretime of his family, the Mad Scientist learns that the dungon he uses for his entertaiment and relaxation also has an long and dark history.

The Mad Scientist - Horror Porn

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